Should I Buy An iPad?

Should I Buy An iPad?

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Should I Buy An iPad?

I was asked this question on three separate occasions this week. I have quite a bit of knowledge and experience in this area, and thought I might put something together that will help you make a decision like this.

Typically, this discussion starts out with a statement like this. “Well, I have a laptop/desktop, but I’d like something more portable, and my kid got one of those iPad things from school. I’d like one to replace what I have now, what do you think?”

Posed with this type of question, I will propose a breakdown into three areas that helps define the needs of the user.

1) What do you typically do with your device (laptop/desktop)?

2) Will you be around WiFi most of the time?

3) Are you looking to store much data on your device?


Let’s break down these questions into why they are each individually important.

1)    What do you typically do with your device?

This is such a simple question, but is actually hard to define. When asked to most users, I get a question mark face, and then a myriad of answers. Most commonly, folks will tell me “well, I do my email, surf the web, watch youtube, and shop on amazon.” PERFECT! If this is what you want a device to do, the iPad is your device. IF you tell me, “oh, I do quite a bit of photo/video editing, spend most of my day in an office, and need a lot of real estate on my screen” then the iPad is NOT an appropriate device to replace your current setup. The iPad and the iOS operating system are data consumption oriented.

2)    Will you be around WiFi most of the time?

This question is important because the iPad comes in two flavors. Wifi only, and Wifi + Cellular. I have both, and really appreciate having an internet connection ALL the time. However, you will spend about $150 extra on average for a device with cellular capabilities, so if you are on a budget, purchasing a WiFi + Cellular might be out of reach. I will make one strong point here. You cannot add the cellular capability to the device at a later date, however you can opt to not activate the cellular data if you have it and do not want to use it. My mom learned that the hard way. My personal opinion is buy what you can afford, but make a solid effort to “future-proof” your purchase.

3)    Are you looking to store much data on your device?

This is an important consideration when deciding what SIZE iPad to purchase. All of my iPads are 16Gb models, however my next upgrade will be at least 32Gb. I don’t play games on my iPad, it is all business. With the video capturing and editing I do for work (refer to my Coaches Eye blog), the 16Gb model fills up rather quickly. If you are the type of person who likes to take a billion pictures on your phone, and then transfer them to your device (my mother in law), the iPad is not the device for you. Yes, there is iCloud storage, which is fantastic, but you’d be better off with something with a significant amount of storage, and the iPad is not that device.



I’m glad I’m asked this question, and I take great pleasure in helping future Apple customers find the right device. There are certainly competitors to the iPad on the market, but I don’t spend time on those devices, and cannot make a recommendation related to one of them. I would certainly encourage you to check out Apple’s refurb store if you are shopping on a budget ( There is quite a bit on there, and you can save quite a bit of money if you are willing to forgo the nice white box and the always intense “unboxing” experience that purchasing new provides.

Best of luck in your shopping, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

**Disclaimer: I do not work for nor am I reimbursed for my opinions and recommendations by Apple. I am simply a passionate consumer of the brand.**

– Jon

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