Pictures above: Being loved on by an athlete at Stillwater high school. Spending time with Linda and Roni during one of Elijah’s visits. Spending time at sports night with Sara L and an athlete. Cheering on the Pony baseball team and riding the Pony cart for the first time.

My Second home

 I have been out on maternity for 10 weeks so far.  While enjoying every minute with my amazing son Elijah, it seems like a part of me is missing.  The part of me missing is my “second home” OSI/Stillwater High School.  As an athletic trainer I work so many crazy hours that sometimes I think I should sleep at the clinic or school because it feels like I am always there.  People may think I am crazy because of this, but I love what I do and it’s a big part of my life.

Because of this I have already introduced my son to this life.  Since being on leave we have been to the Stillwater clinic many times to visit and hang out with coworkers.  We have also made many special trips up to the high school to see all the athletes.  I am starting this now because I want Elijah to know all the amazing people I work with when I am not with him.  The love that has been shown to me and my son are beyond words.

He has been welcomed into the OSI and Pony family with open arms.  I am so lucky to work at a place that cares about not only me, but my family as well.  It is also a plus that I now have many people who are willing to babysit when needed.  If I didn’t have such a great “second home” making my transition back to work would be harder than it is.  Thanks to all my coworkers, athletes, coaches and parents who make my “second home” a great place to be!

– Sarah

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