Saying Goodbye To A Colleague And A Friend

Saying Goodbye To A Colleague And A Friend

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Saying Goodbye To A Colleague And A Friend 

I’ve known Travis Leong since September 2006 when he was a freshman at the College of St. Scholastica. Travis was one of those guys who was always studious, but always fun to be around. He and I became closer buds when we started playing rink rat hockey together at the Hermantown ice rinks after getting kicked off of all the Duluth rinks (downside to every rink being owned by a hockey association). Travis even convinced me to play on a men’s hockey league with him, which was a ton of fun, but way too much responsibility for a goalie like me who had never played a minute of regulation organized hockey. We didn’t have much puck possession time in that league, and I spent a lot of time scooping pucks out of the net that got past me, but we had fun.

When I got into PT school at Scholastica, I took on more of a mentor role with Travis. He seemed to always be in time to what he needed to do to be successful at whatever step in his journey that he was at. Once he got into PT school, I was a class ahead of him, so I got to interact with him at the graduate school level, and again saw a successful young man.

I got a chance to sing his praises once again when I found out he would be applying for a job at OSI physical therapy, and was stoked to find out that we had hired him. I knew he would give the company 110%, and was bummed that I wouldn’t get to work directly with him.

The real bummer occurred when I got the phone call from Travis a few weeks ago letting me know that he and his wife were going to pursue new career opportunities on the west coast. I couldn’t believe my buddy was leaving! I do know that he and Sarah are going to be successful wherever they land, and I wish them the best!

Travis, thanks for being a great friend and a great coworker! You will be missed.

– Jon

OSI Physical Therapy

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