Remember This? Everything You Need to Know…..

Remember This? Everything You Need to Know…..

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Everything You Need to Know…..

I was reminded of the true meaning of cooperation, support and teamwork the other day when I attended my Granddaughter’s end of year concert.  It was a packed gymnasium with Parents and Grandparents beaming with pride and waving to their Kindergartners on stage.

They sang several songs and then it was time for a special funny song where ten children were brought front and center to each sing a small verse during the song. Each child was to sing their small funny verse and then pass the microphone to the next in line.

The teacher was playing the piano and the fifty or so remaining children sang the main part of the song on stage. Child number one sang her verse and passed the microphone, the class sang again, child number two sang his verse and passed the microphone, the class sang again, You get the picture.

Meanwhile, everyone’s eyes were on boy number 10…..who was now having a complete total meltdown! The pressure was too much for him. He cracked. Poor little guy! You could hear the murmur of the audience. It was heartbreaking to watch. What was going to happen when it came to his turn? Silence? Would a parent or teacher come to his aide?

Then, right when we thought all was lost, little girl number eight leaned over and said something to boy number ten. We couldn’t hear but she must told him not to cry or that he could do it! Well, you could see how those words of encouragement turned it around for little boy number ten. He rubbed his eyes dry, straightened his shoulders and stood tall, grabbed that microphone and choked out his verse!

What a relief to us all! The audience burst out in applause and, some of us, in tears as well! High fives, pats on the back and good jobs were handed out to boy number ten when he rejoined the rest of the class! Best of all, my granddaughter was one of them!  Good job Rhaya!

Cooperation, Kindness, Support and Teamwork! Like I said, Everything You Need to Know……. You learned in Kindergarten.

– Roni

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Roni Rumpf

Roni Rumpf

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