5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Raising a Healthy Child

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Know About Raising a Healthy Child

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Raising A Healthy Child

A child’s body needs nutrition, not just food.” – Julie Webb Kelley

How does one go about raising a healthy child? It’s the topic of conversation wherever you go; social media, the coffee shop, magazines, broadcasting and more.  There is no quick and immediate answer, but how about a few little changes that can help make a difference to your family.  Start small and lay a good foundation and pretty soon these healthy habits will start to make a difference.


Movement!  There is so much availability to electronics and sitting these days that kids just don’t get up and move.  Keep limits on the amount of time that is spent on these items and make sure it is only after there is active playing in the day.


Be the example.  Your kids are watching even when you do not know.  Move often, make it fun, make good food choices and eventually they will start to follow suit.


Be a conscious grocery shopper.  If you want your kids to have good eating habits and make better choices, provide those choices for them.  I would choose the cookie over the apple too if that was right in front of my eyes.  Keep sugar laden treats for special occasions and rewards instead of continuous availability.


Provide good nutritious options at every meal.  Kids may choose not to eat what is provided, but that isn’t a time to make them something special.  Yes, that might happen if you are having something exotic like sushi or extremely spicy foods, but be mindful in your meal preparation and give them something they like as well as something new.  As they watch you eat it, they might choose to try a bite too.


Limit calorie consumption from liquids.  Instead of having apple juice, have a glass of water with your apple.  The fiber is stripped away and often chemicals are added to make the juice safe.  It is much better on blood sugar regulation to eat the whole fruit.  In addition, replacement drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade really are not necessary until the body has been in continuous motion and creating sweat for one hour or in cases of extreme heat.  Make water your first choice and avoid unnecessary calories.

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There are many small changes you can begin to incorporate to help improve your kids activity level and calorie consumption.  Make better choices for your whole house and start to realize the small benefits.  At The Training Room, (a division of OSI Physical Therapy) we offer both individual nutrition consultations focused on the consumption of real food as well as Sports Performance Training programs for kids of all ages and abilities.  If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us at 715-247-5770.

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– Heather

Heather Larson, raising a healthy child

Heather Larson, Director of Operations at The Training Room

Heather Larson

Heather Larson

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