Quick Exercises You Can Do at Home

Quick Exercises You Can Do at Home

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Do you often find yourself with a little extra time before going to work? Or some down time leading up to dinner? You could spend this time sitting around getting some extra rest, or you do something both convenient and quick while also remaining healthy for your body in the long run: a short exercise. Let’s face it, a lot of us put off working out when we’ve got a few extra minutes to spare because we don’t believe we have enough time. On the contrary, it turns out that there are plenty of quick exercises that will pay long dividends, and none of them are too complicated.

Sit-Ups & Crunches

One of the simplest and least time-consuming workouts possible. All you need is a floor (potentially carpeted to help your back), tennis shoes (so your feet won’t slip), and your body. Performing a set of about 15 to 25 sit-ups or crunches will easily burn off some good calories and will leave you with plenty of extra time. Only taking a few minutes, this exercise will leave your ab muscles feeling tight the remainder of the day.

Stair Climbing

Whether you’re living in a multilevel home or an apartment building, using the stairs to for your body’s benefit could be a great practice in efficiency. Again, strap on some shoes to support your feet and take to those stairs, traveling up and down for as long as you choose. Especially in the ascending process, you should predominantly in your calves and lower leg muscles.


Simple, sure, but also effective. Stretching puts stress on our muscles, but not in the same way as typical workouts do. By bending, twisting, and contorting our body, we are loosening up some of the muscles that may have grown stiff from not enough use. A good stretch takes no time at all and can be done in literally any scenario. Pair some stretches in tandem with any other exercise and you’ll have your limbs feeling nice and refreshed for the remainder of the day.


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Quick Exercises You Can Do at Home


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