A PT’s Adventure With Sand Volleyball

A PT’s Adventure With Sand Volleyball

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A PT’s Adventure With Sand Volleyball

I am very lucky to have a great group of girl friends.  Some of us have known each other since college and some of the group has been friends since high school or before.  Together we have been a group for about 17 years.  (yikes, time does fly).  Throughout that time we have gotten together every Spring, Summer and Fall once a week to play sand volleyball.

None of us were ever superstar volleyball players and some of us never played on a volleyball team before we started this little tradition, but we are just athletic enough and certainly competitive enough to have some success and a lot of fun.  Inevitably, we have experienced some injuries over the years (skinned knees and elbows from diving on the sand, a broken thumb, a sprained MCL, and a couple of rotator cuff  issues  to name a few), but fortunately half our team is made up of PT’s  and cover issues from wounds to orthopedic and sports medicine injuries.

Some of the most common injures in volleyball are knee, shoulder and finger injuries as well as ankle.  (I guess we have all those covered)  Overall though, volleyball is a relatively safe injury statistically.  It is a great group activity you can pick up either casually with a group of friends at a party to something more serious and organized.  I would suggest that because of the overhead motions often used with volleyball, if you have shoulder issues, do be careful and choose wisely whether or not you decide to play.

If you decide to play more competitively, think about the training you may want to put in to keep yourself healthy and decrease the chances of injuries.  For example, due to the jumping and landing, leg strength ex’s and plyometric drills may be appropriate.  With the overhead motions, training the rotator cuff and scapular muscles to give yourself good strength, power and shoulder stability is a good idea.  And of course, the core muscles are always important to train and keep in good shape.

I hope all of you have friends you get together with for good company and laughs.  Whether it is active or not, good friends keep us happy and happy people are healthier people.

– Amy

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