Prevention Is The Easiest Way To Stay On The Field

Prevention Is The Easiest Way To Stay On The Field

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Prevention Is The Easiest Way To Stay On The Field

There may still be a lot of snow on the ground here in Minnesota but spring is really just around the corner and that means baseball! Prevention is the easiest way to stay on the field, especially for those little league pitchers.

1) -Proper Mechanics! I can’t emphasis this enough, if your little league coach can’t help with this find someone who can (like a throwing evaluation at OSI). Don’t let someone who means well teach you bad mechanics…as seen in video above.

2) -Proper warm up and preseason strength and conditioning

3) -Pitch count. Guidelines are a little variable but generally for kids age 9-14: <75pitches a game, <6 inning/wk, <600 pitches/season, and 2000-3000 pitches per year; 15-18: <90 pitches per game, <9 innings/week or 2 games/wk.

4) -Appropriate number of rest days after pitching. 1-4 days of rest after pitching with higher number of pitches during a game requiring more days of rest after

5) -Play only one overhead throwing sport at a time and avoid playing that sport year around. If you are playing year round make sure you have 2-3 months off a year (may or may be consecutive) to give your body a reset.

6) -Arm pain, FATIGUE, and decreased throwing ability are early warning signs of a potential overuse injury.

7) -Delay specialization in one sport, pediatric athletes should be encouraged in participate in multiple sports

The majority of overuse injuries are treatable with rest, proper strengthening, and stretching. However, some injuries require alternative treatments and the sooner they are detected and addressed the better chance of full and speedy recovery.

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Katie Lazenby

Katie Lazenby

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