Tips From ‘The Prose’: 4 Posture Tips While Sitting In The Car

Tips From ‘The Prose’: 4 Posture Tips While Sitting In The Car

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4 Posture Tips While Sitting In The Car

For my family, Summer is the time of year we tend to take longer car trips.  The Dells are a yearly stop for us and last year we had our first multi day adventure in the car and drove out to Mount Rushmore.  I think there are many people who do this with their families or even do a lot of driving to the lake or for work.  It is a common complaint I hear from people with neck pain that their long hours in the car often flare up their symptoms.  Here are a couple of things to try to keep the stresses of sitting decreased and hopefully make you more comfortable in the car:

1) Sitting

Make sure you are sitting up properly.  Adjust the seat so you are comfortable, not slouching, that the headrest isn’t pushing your head forward and your low back is supported (meaning your back should be touching the seat.  If it doesn’t and your car doesn’t have a lumbar support built in, add it by rolling up a towel or small pillow).


2) Mirrors

Mirrors: once you are sitting up comfortably, adjust the rearview and side mirrors.  You should only have to do this one time.  If you find that you set up the mirrors while you were in good posture and then you’ve been driving for awhile and you can no longer see as well out of your mirrors, don’t readjust them, readjust your self.  Maybe you are a little more slouchy, maybe your head is more forward than it should be, etc.


3) Steering Wheel

Make sure the steering wheel is within comfortable reach.  Whether you like to sit close or further back, you should feel like it is in a comfortable position so that your shoulders and upper traps aren’t up towards your ears, but again, in a comfortable position.


4) Movement

Lastly, it is a good idea to get out of the car every once in awhile.  I am always in the mindset that we get in the car and drive until we get there or need gas, but our spines and our muscles are much happier if we give them a break.   Getting out of the car gets the blood flowing to the muscles, allows the muscles to be used in a different way which can relax them and standing and walking is less stress on our spines versus sitting.

I hope you find these tips helpful whether it is for your drive to work or on some family car trip adventure!

– Amy

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Amy Prose

Amy Prose

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