OSI And Our Physical Therapy Students

OSI And Our Physical Therapy Students

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Physical Therapy Students

OSI And Our Physical Therapy Students

One of my positions at OSI Physical Therapy besides being a Physical Therapist is the position of Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE).  This position gives me the pleasure of working with the students who come to OSI during their clinical rotations.  Once a PT student has finished with their classroom coursework, they then go on a series of clinical rotations where they practice in real time the things they learned in the classroom.  I find this an exciting time for students.  They are ready to be out of the lecture hall and ready to work with real people and the student’s enthusiasm can be contagious.

OSI has a unique student setting.  We are they only company that I know of that requires students to send a resume to apply for a clinical rotation position with us (most of the time the school will assign students to specific clinical rotation sites).  From that resume, a student will (or not) be chosen for an interview with me and from there I decide if the student will be a good fit.  OSI is a fast paced orthopedic and sports medicine PT setting.  OSI hopes our PT’s are up to date and current in our evidence based approach to treatment and we want students to have the desire to achieve this as well as the ability to keep up with this pace.  Not everyone is cut out for this nor does everyone want to move that fast on a day to day basis.

Once a student is chosen for a clinical with us and they begin their rotation (usually about 8-12 weeks), I check in with them a couple of times.  This is the other rewarding part of this CCCE job because it is during these conversations with students that I hear what a wonderful place OSI is and what excellent PT’s we have here.  I think having students at OSI helps us stay on top of our game as much as we help students develop great starting points for their PT careers.

If you have any questions about clinical rotations at OSI, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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