Physical Therapy Stillwater: Ponies Goaltender Makes Remarkable Recovery

Physical Therapy Stillwater: Ponies Goaltender Makes Remarkable Recovery

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Physical Therapy: Stillwater Success Story

When Kalley and Marah came into our life at OSI, it was quite an event. We had heard about their accident via the newspaper and on the street and were quite overwhelmed by the severity of it all. Most of us followed their status on Caring Bridge and through some of our friends like Dr. Bob Nolan to keep track of what was going on and it wasn’t long after that I had heard we would have the pleasure to serve them in our clinic.

The Recovery

Marah of course came in with the worst of the injuries and I had the pleasure of working with her in physical therapy Stillwater for many months. In the very beginning Robin, her mother, and I would actually lift her out of the wheelchair because none of her limbs worked appreciably and were all splinted. This young woman worked her tail off over the next 6 to 7 months, as did her sister along side her, Kalley, who worked with Julie in our office for the most part. They made it an absolute joy, even though I’m sure there were times I made their lives a living hell for what they had to put up with, with the bending, straightening, twisting and turning that we had to do.

Physical Therapy Stillwater

From left to right: Julie Meyer, Marah and Kalley, Mike Ripley

The Success

There was not a greater joy in my life than the day that her mom sent me a picture from the hockey arena that showed her getting her first save in her college hockey game. It was truly a joy to serve these gals. They are an inspiration almost every day that I think about them and certainly have been a great story of recuperative powers that have been demonstrated here for all of us in the Stillwater area. I will forever be mindful of their gutty attitude and certainly their intestinal fortitude and hopefully will remain friends of theirs for years to come.

Marah Sobczak playing goalie (Photo by Sport PiX-Mankato, Minn.)

Stuart Groskreutz from the Stillwater Gazette recently ran a follow up article highlighting this remarkable success story. You can read that by clicking here.

If you have an injury and would like to find out if physical therapy can help you, just send us an email and we’ll set a consultation to see what we can do to help.

– Mike

Mike Ripley

Mike Ripley, Physical Therapist and Owner at OSI Physical Therpay


Mike Ripley

Mike Ripley

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