Why Physical Therapy Is Like Baseball

Why Physical Therapy Is Like Baseball

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Why Physical Therapy Is Like Baseball

I love baseball.  Ever since I was old enough to read I have been calculating batting averages, on base percentages, and tracking home runs and RBIs (or lack thereof) of my favorite team, the Minnesota Twins.

Recently, statistical analysis of baseball players has taken a jump in popularity due to the sabermetrics movement – basically using advanced statistics to determine the true value of an individual player.  Baseball has the benefit of large exposure and popularity to create recognition of what players are the best.

One of the biggest benefits of “sabermetrics” is that it uses statistics to determine the value of an individual baseball player.  One particularly popular statistic is ‘WAR’, or Wins-above replacement.   ‘WAR’ is essentially a measure of how much better one player is versus an average player.  This means we can determine what player provides the most bang for the buck.  Wouldn’t this be great if we could do this with all services in life?  If we could determine the WAR of financial advisers, mechanics, and handymen, we could save ourselves thousands of dollars by getting the best results for the best price.  Why doesn’t this exist?

Well, in physical therapy, it kind of does.  Specifically, at OSI Physical Therapy, we have a system that works much like WAR.  We use a tool called FOTO, which provides us with goals for maximizing improvement in a tailored plan for each individual patient.   In essence, our incentive as therapists is to improve you as much as possible.   In addition, we strive to be efficient in our services.  This means that not only do we want to get our patients better, we have a goal for each patient to meet or exceed their expectations in recovery time.

We at OSI make it our mission to give patients the most bang for their buck!  One way we accomplish this is by taking proactive measures by educating patients on how they can help their own recovery process.  At OSI, we take great pride in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations in service and recovery.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach your best outcome!  Thanks!

– Pete

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