Pea Soup Days 5k 2014: Reflection

Pea Soup Days 5k 2014: Reflection

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Pea Soup Days 5k 2014: Reflection

As I sit in the quiet moments after a whirlwind of a day at the conclusion of the Pea Soup Days 5k and ½ Mile Kids run a familiar chant pops into my mind.  Back many, many years ago when I was on the cheerleading squad of the football team at the Somerset High School, we had a little ditty that went like this (starting in a whisper), “we’re from somerset, couldn’t be prouder, if you don’t believe us, we’ll shout a little louder….We’re From Somerset, Couldn’t Be Prouder, If You Don’t Believe Us, We’ll Shout A Little Louder…..WE’RE FROM SOMERSET, COULDN’T BE PROUDER, IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE US, WE’LL SHOUT A LITTLE LOUDER.”  I think you get the idea.

Crowd Pea Soup Days 5k

Tonight my heart if filled with that pride once again, pride for a community that can come together in so many ways.  It starts months in advance with a dedicated work team that brainstorms, organizes, delegates, takes action, double checks, re-organizes and plans for countless hours.  It expands into a community of small local businesses that are willing to contribute to grow success, to give their time, their dollars, their goods and their support.  It flows over into the youth organizations that we hope to help be successful; groups of kids who are learning to do the work to help make the race successful, to spend their time working for the better good of a community, working to better their teamwork and sense of civic skills.  It spreads with the excitement of those testing their comfort levels by trying something new, by expressing a little bit of effort, by making a decision to take on a physically active challenge.  It grows and expands and the excitement builds.  The next thing you know, there are 500 people stacked up in a parking lot all abuzz with the shared energy that makes great community events.   Some are young, some not as young.  They come in all heights and sizes, some smile and some look nervous, some are dressed brightly and shine, some hope to blend into the crowd.  All, however, are there and the collective energy is contagious!!!!

A few last minute instructions, many deep breathes to calm nerves and minds, a loud screech from a horn and they are off.  The pictures are worth a thousand words.  The expressions display hard work, determination, dedication, pride, happiness, excitement and more.  If you add up the miles we covered as a whole tonight – we are somewhere about 1,000 – pretty amazing for 90 minutes worth of time and a little sweat and effort.

And as the clocks tick into tomorrow and the day comes to a close, I feel it in my heart – I’m from Somerset and couldn’t be prouder….if you don’t believe me, well than – come out and support a local community event and see for yourself what big things a small group of dedicated and enthusiastic people can do!!!

– Heather

Heather Larson

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