Pea Soup Days 5k 2013: Photo Gallery At The Event

Pea Soup Days 5k 2013: Photo Gallery At The Event

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Pea Soup Days 5k 2013 Photo Gallery

Pea Soup Days 5k 2013 was a smash hit this year. When you're planning a family friendly event like this there's a lot of preparation that goes into it and OSI and The Training Room are always up for the challenge. We had lots of OSI employees and volunteers arriving early on the scene to assist with set up and to get everyone amped up for this event. We weren't hard to miss in our pea green t-shirts. What did you think of them...too green? Maybe next year at the Pea Soup Days 5k we should have a contest to let the public decide on the t-shirt. We had the registration tables set up first while we patiently waited on the DJ to show up. If you remember, last year the DJ was MIA, so we were forced to go with a boom box, which was less than ideal. Shortly into the set up process the DJ arrived and got set up. It quickly changes the mood when the music starts thumping. Our team then started having some fun with our Twitter Vines. Vines are short 6 second videos done on Twitter. We had great fun with those. Actually, we got all tech this year and set up a screen to run Tweetwally (a wall to run our Twitter feed). That was a cool attraction and allowed people to view what people were saying about the event. Facebook and Twitter played an important role for us in spreading the word and sharing the fun. People at the Pea Soup Days 5k 2013 were excited to see the race and watch the kids do their race as well, but I'd say one a huge highlight was the gift giveaway. OSI had lots and lots of door prizes for the attendees. People who signed up were eligible to win 3 big prizes, an iTunes gift card, an iPod shuffle and an iPad mini. The tension was high as we drew the winners name. All in all it's great to see a community come together as the OSI and Training Room employees see all the people in they community they help all come together together for such a fun local event. If you know someone in need of rehabilitation or just want some safe, healthy ideas on how to start living a healthier life contact us by clicking HERE. We'd be happy to give you some feedback. Here are some pictures form this year's Pea Soup Days 5k 2013.

Jeremy Denzer

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