Once A Patient, Always A Patient

Once A Patient, Always A Patient

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Once A Patient, Always A Patient

On my first day of employment at OSI Physical Therapy I was in terrible pain! I didn’t have an accident or a sports injury. I don’t DO sports or anything remotely dangerous. Apparently I can get hurt just by getting out of bed in the morning!

‪Really, I woke up  & couldn’t move my right arm more than a few inches from my body without unbelievable pain. It was more like a broken wing than an arm.

Later that morning, at my new employee orientation, I had to use my left hand to, ever so slightly, lift my right hand to shake my new boss, Mike Ripley’s hand! How embarrassing! Without missing a beat, he gently took my pathetic hand & began his clinical assessment of my condition. He tested my range of motion and my strength,  asked a few questions and told me that I had Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. “Glad to meet you” he said as he held my hand and walked me into the treatment area. Less than 30 minutes later, he had a Doctor on the phone, a prescription called in for a dose pack and therapy scheduled.


That may have been my first experience having Physical Therapy but was not my last! In the past seven years, I’ve been treated for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Hip Dysfunction, Low Back Pain, S I Joint Strain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Vertigo/Ear Crystal Realignment, Quad & Hamstring strengthening and Post Op therapy for Total Hip Replacement. All successfully I might add!

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Thanks for reading!

– Roni

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Roni Rumpf

Roni Rumpf

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