OSI Christmas Sweater Award Goes To…

OSI Christmas Sweater Award Goes To…

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Christmas Sweater Contest

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every year the OSI Staff at the Stillwater location has an end-of-year holiday celebration and today was that day. It also happens to be the day the they host the Christmas Sweater contest. Now, being somewhat new to the OSI team I was happily caught off guard by this tradition. I was peppered with questions inquiring where my sweater was. I was grateful to use the ‘I didn’t know’ excuse, however I suspect next Xmas I won’t get off so lucky.

(Left) Linda, Stillwater Clinic Manager sports the patented Griswold hockey jersey, a welcome substitute.

After the votes were tallied, Bev was the lucky winner (featured in header picture). There were several other good contenders, but Bev was the clear winner for 2013. Here are some pictures of other contenders in today’s contest.

Ugly Christmas Sweaterphoto 3

From left to right, Stillwater staff Sue, Ronni, Sarah, and Bri

Ugly Christmas Sweaterphoto 1

Rachel and Scott (Scott was the runner up)

Ugly Christmas Sweaterphoto 4

Libby proudly wearing her sweater and smile


OSI is a remarkable place to work. The sense of family and community here at is unparalleled. The mission of serving our patients is simply amazing and there’s a bigger purpose here. It was fun to sit in on my very first Holiday Celebration at OSI.

– T.J.


T.J. McLeod, CMO at OSI Physical Therapy

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