OSI Testimonials: Heard Around Stillwater

OSI Testimonials: Heard Around Stillwater

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We consider ourselves very lucky to treat so many amazing patients. We get a lot of great feedback and now and then we like to share it with the public.  Below is a testimonial from recent patient.


My Physical Therapy experience at OSI in Stillwater was perfect. Everyone from the receptionist to the billing office to the therapy staff was kind and helpful. I believe my recovery from a herniated disc was shortened because of the excellent care I received. Mike  (my PT) not only tended to my physical needs for healing but also my mental and emotional needs.

My injury frightened me, and I had lost confidence in my body’s ability to repair itself.  Mike was empathetic and encouraging. The fact that he suffered a similar injury and came back strong gave me confidence that I could do the same.  Mike welcomed my questions and was creative and innovative with the techniques he used to help reduce the pain and get me moving again. I would definitely recommend OSI to anyone seeking PT after an injury.    – Renee


– Linda

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Linda Olsen

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