OSI Stories: Working For An Impact

OSI Stories: Working For An Impact

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Working For An Impact

With a career in the health care field, we hold the opportunity to directly impact our patients and clients. Great numbers of people pass through our clinic doors each day, every person with a different, personal story.  OSI Physical Therapy prides itself on extraordinary patient care, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients to share part of their journey with us. As a result, the camaraderie of the clinic becomes something to look forward to, making one’s pain a little less unbearable.  For some, visiting the clinic might be the highlight of his or her day. With the downsize of our Stillwater Training Room, we have had to say a tough goodbye to many of our loyal members; however, it reminds us just how much of a difference a warm smile and a listening ear can have.

A loyal Training Room member, Ann Daniels, felt very saddened to say goodbye. Through multiple injuries, Ann became very familiar and fond of the Stillwater team. She made an amazing recovery and transitioned into the Training Room where she frequented the gym weekly. While I have only seen a small fraction of patients compared to much of the OSI staff, I have learned the importance of creating a beneficial atmosphere for our patients, for it will leave a lasting impression. For Ann, we were able to do just that. Her letter below describes her positive experience with OSI and serves an example for others as we strive to provide outstanding service.

Dear OSI Staff,

OSI should mean Outstanding Staff Involvement! I’ve observed your interaction with patients, gym members, and each other for two and a half years. Every staff member treats every client as if they were family members. What an unusual feat!

Each client is greeted by name and finds that the staff is genuinely interested in their well being. In addition, you maintain a fun atmosphere where laughter has become part of the healing process.

Since I’ve been a patient and used the gym several times each week, I’ve heard the numerous compliments and praises you receive from all who walk through your door! Your clients leave healthier, happier, and truly cared about. What a tribute to all of you!!

I’m so happy to have had the privilege to be able to experience such an amazing, dedicated and caring group of people for over two years! You brightened my life and health innumerable times! THANK YOU!!

God bless you and your families with health, peace and happiness and an awareness of His presence and love.


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