Why OSI Physical Therapy? Why for Me, why for You?

Why choose OSI Physical Therapy 1

I’ll never forget my first day coming to OSI Physical Therapy the WSP clinic. I was so nervous, but the friendly atmosphere, and the help from the staff made me feel apart of the family right away. Jon Sampson was a huge help to me as I started to get familiar at the school and helped me to meet people I would need to have in my contact list. I cannot imagine those first couple of days “on the job” if I didn’t have the help and encouragement of OSI. Any question or concern that I had, I knew I had a whole team to help me out, and it is awesome to have a place (I TRULY feel takes the best care of my athletes) like OSI supporting me.

I love that I can call any therapist at OSI  the day of an injury, and no matter what they will get the kid seen ASAP (sometimes even sacrificing a lunch break) so they can get back to play faster. I can’t stress enough how amazing that is, to know that you can get an athlete seen right away, even if it means sacrificing a break time, you don’t find that often. I have had kids try to get into other clinics and have been put on a 3+ week waiting list…NOPE, NO WAY would that fly at OSI. We understand that during the sports season kids don’t have 3 weeks to sit around before they can start therapy. The therapists at OSI just get it, and make it work.

Why do I need to send kids to OSI?

 Modalities: At the school all I can offer the kids is a bag of ice. That is it for modalities. No whirlpool, no hot packs, ICE ICE BABY! I can get away with ice and taping for some injuries, but other, more sever ones need help that I cant offer at the school. That is where OSI comes in. They have PLENTY machines to help speed up the healing process and get my kids back playing.

1 on 1 care: Some injuries need a whole 30 minutes (+ modality time) of one on one attention. At the school I am just one person with all the sports teams. Sometimes when sports are slow I can offer more attention to an athlete, but being able to send my kids to the clinic to receive 1 on 1 care, with the use of modalities combined is a winning formula.

 A second opinion: Sometimes I am just stuck and out of ideas for an injury. I might try to manage the injury at the school and if I am not seeing the results I desire I often point them towards OSI. It is so night to have a team to fall back on when I am stuck, and often times OSI helps me out with even further care. They know where to point athletes if they need surgery or bracing, and x-ray or MRIs. They build relationships with clinics so that when higher help is needed, we know where to send athletes.

So why should you come to us for your injury or chronic pain? Well here are some of the MANY things OSI can help you with:

–   Back/Neck pain/injuries

 –   Osteoarthritis

–   Hand Therapy

–   Headaches

–   TMJ

–   Vestibular Rehab/Balance

–   Custom Foot inserts, Sports Medicine

–   Incontinence and Pelvic Pain/Injury

–   Graston

–   Postural Restoration

–   Biofeedback

–   Aquatics

–   Personal Training

–   OccHealth


Why choose OSI Physical Therapy 3Not only do we treat almost anything you can throw at us, we treat you like an actual person, not just a number. If you only need to come in 5 times for PT, but the doctor gave you 15 visits, we will tell you the truth. Sure we could continue to make money from the next 10 visits, but we do not treat our clients like that.

Honesty about your condition is a huge part of why OSI is successful. The therapists at OSI pay close attention to detail to make you feel comfortable at therapy.

The therapists make OSI a fun, and enjoyable environment to recover in. Injuries are not fun, so having a good environment to have therapy in is a very important component. Our patients are the kind that want to stop in and say “hi” after they are all better because they enjoyed the OSI experience so much.

Our professional but friendly atmosphere is a really great place to find your “road to recovery” at. OSI is very unique in that aspect and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

If you are having any chronic pain we can offer you a free consultation. See below.

– Alli

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