An OSI Physical Therapy Experience From A Family Member

An OSI Physical Therapy Experience From A Family Member

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An OSI experience from a family member age

(Above: Pic of my Mom, Dad, and Sister, who have all been to an OSI clinic for PT)

An OSI Experience From A Family Member

I have had almost every one in my family receive therapy at OSI for something. My dad had bilateral knee replacements last winter which needed therapy on; which he received at the WBL clinic. My grandma has had back and neck problems for her whole life and has gone to see Mike at the Stillwater location for years. My mother has also had neck and back issues that she has been seen for at Stillwater and WBL. My brother was seen in the WSP clinic for hip and back pain this last fall. My sister has been to WBL and WSP for a couple different injuries as well. The only members of my family that have not been in are my 2 dogs. 

An OSI experience from a family member [1]

*Pic of my Brother who went to OSI because of a FB injury*

An OSI experience from a family member [2]

*Pic of Dads knee replacement*

An OSI experience from a family member [3]

*Only members of my family who have NOT been to an OSI*

I asked my sister to write up her experience at OSI for her biggest injury and surgery for it. She spent a lot of time in the WSP clinic and some time in the WBL clinic for this injury (since we live in Hugo, the commute to WBL made more sense, but she LOVES seeing Jon at the WSP clinic) and I thought it would be a cool story to tell. I am thankful for OSI and all the wonderful help they have given to my family. Here is what Taylor had to say about her experience:

An OSI experience from a family member [4]I have been playing sports from the time I could walk, so injuries have always been apart of my life. Sprained ankles, broken feet, dislocated fingers, broken ribs, and concussions are just a few of the injuries I had while playing soccer.  The ongoing injury that I could not escape was my left knee dislocating,  because I had patella-alta (knee caps placed to high and do not sit in the grove of the tibia bone) it was made easier for my knee to dislocate and to continue to for years.  It wasn’t until freshman year of college when I decided to take action, after dislocating once again during soccer practice, it dislocated over five more times in less then six months before the surgery.

OSI physical therapy helped me, by giving me exercises to strengthen my legs before the surgery.  This is import because, it makes the recovery time after the surgery, and the transition to post operation therapy, a lot easier on the patient.  Simple every day exercises were given to me to do daily, ranging from straight leg raises, to wall squats.  Since I was in school at the time, it was up to me to continue doing these exercises on my own.

An OSI experience from a family member [1]December 22 was the day of my knee reconstruction surgery.  In order to keep my knee stable and [hopefully] never dislocate again, the surgeon had to go in and break my tibia bone, re-attach the tibia tend, wrap it around the patella (knee cap) and cut into the inner quad muscle, fold it and stitch it back together, so it would pull the patella inward, so it would no longer dislocate.  The surgery took around three hours to perform, and the last thing I remembered before going under, was OSI therapist Jon Sampson wishing me luck!

After the surgery I was very sick from being put under, and it was very hard to start therapy right away.  The pain medications I was on made me overly emotional and foggy, which made me a wreck the first week of therapy at OSI.

An OSI experience from a family member [3]An OSI experience from a family member [2]The West St. Paul OSI employees were all very patient while I worked through the pain and hardships of therapy.  Not only did they give me exercises to improve my leg, they also gave me emotional support, because it was very easy for me to get down on myself, when I was unable to do simple exercises.  It was and is a hard thing for me, to be unable to do simple tasks on my own, so having that support from the employees at OSI was an extra bonus you don’t get at very many places.

Therapy lasted for about six months, part of it was done at OSI, and the other part was done at Viterbo University, where I attended school, with a recovery program written by OSI.

OSI has been the Physical Therapy center that I have chosen to go to, for recovery therapy after my next surgery, as well recovery from a virus where I lost feeling in both my legs.  It is where I will continue to go in the future, because of the experience I had with my knee reconstruction surgery.

An OSI experience from a family member ageIt has been just over two years since my knee surgery, and this past January I had the hardware that was in my knee (two screws) removed.  I am happy to say that since that surgery I have had no dislocations of my knee, and am living with minimal pain in my left knee.  None of which would have been possible without the help of OSI therapy.

– Taylor

Thanks for reading. Leave your questions and comments below.

– Alli

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