OSI Making of a Champion Series: Featuring Kate McKay

OSI Making of a Champion Series: Featuring Kate McKay

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OSI Making of a Champion Series: Kate McKay

This edition of “Making of a Champion” comes from Kate McKay. Kate is a senior at Henry Sibley High School, and has been pivotal in the success of the athletics programs there. Kate has shown success both on and off the courts, as you’ll gather from my interview with her.

JS: Kate, what sports do you play?

KM: Mainly Basketball.  Others include Tennis, Soccer, Softball, Track.

Making of a Champion - Kate McKay

JS: What is your Champion sport?

KM: Definitely basketball


JS: What did you come to OSI Physical Therapy to have treated?

KM: Many things.  Sprained ankle, tibial sesamoiditis, pinched meniscus, elbow pain, patella femoral syndrome


JS: What was your favorite part of therapy?

KM: Actually getting better.  There were times I walked into OSI hurting pretty bad and left able to get back on the court or the field that same day!


JS: And truthfully, what was the worst part of therapy?

KM: Sometimes physical therapy hurts and it isn’t always easy to do.

Making of a Champion - Kate McKay 2

JS: What is an obstacle you’ve had to overcome to become the Champion that you are today?

KM: The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome is having three basketball coaches in my 4 years at Sibley.  It is hard to keep having to learn completely new playing styles and offenses every year while trying to adjust so that you can meet and exceed the expectations of 3 completely different coaches.

JS: What was one defining moment when you realized you had reached Champion status?

KM: My defining moment at Sibley is getting my 1000th point.  I am proud to say that I am the first girl in the history of Sibley basketball to ever exceed 1000 career points.  Another great achievement was being chosen as the recipient for the Athena Award.

JS: What is your Champion ingredient?

KM: I believe that my strong work ethic is the characteristic that allows me to be successful in all of my athletics.  Although I must admit that I don’t enjoy all of the drills and conditioning that we do in practice I always try to give 100% so that I can always be improving my game and getting better.

 Making of a Champion - Kate McKay 3

JS: You’ve committed to University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. What attracted you there, and what is your focus going to be in school/athletics?

KM: I first heard about Whitewater from one of our coaches from last year who knew the coach.  After they started recruiting me I looked into the school a little more and was immediately drawn to their majorly successful basketball program.  After touring the campus and doing an overnight with the team I just knew that it was the right place for me.  As a freshman my focus will be to improve my game.  College ball is on a whole different level than high school ball and I’m excited to step up my game and be a part of it!


Kate has Champion running in her veins, and that is clear by her accomplishments on and off the court. When you see her, wish her well on her venture into college athletics! Thanks Kate for being a part of the OSI family.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback I’d love to hear them at jsampson@osipt.com

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