OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring Mack Short

OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring Mack Short

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OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring Mack Short

Today we get some time from Mack Short, a senior at Simley High School. If there’s one thing to know about Inver Grove Heights, it is that Simley High School and the last name of Short are one in the same. You see, Mack hails from a long line of wrestling champions, and he rises to the occasion every day, every sport. Let’s hear from Mack about what is in the Short blood that makes him a Champion!

JS: Thanks for your time Mack, what sports do you compete in? 

MS: Football, Wrestling, Baseball


JS: What is your Champion sport?

MS: Football


JS: Having a state champ wrestler choose football as his Champion sport just shows how deep this guy’s athletic skills go. Mack did have some injuries that sidelined him for a brief time. Mack, what did you come to OSI to have treated?

MS: I had cramping issues at first, but every little bump or bruise that I had after that I got treated for at OSI.


JS: Those cramps were terrible, I remember that. But Mack, what was the best part of therapy?

MS: Going there and working hard and seeing results with what I did and everyone there doing what they could do to help.


JS: And honestly, what was the worst part of therapy?

MS: Probably some of the “warmup” exercises that I thought were unnecessary but needed to happen I guess.


JS: He’s honest! And Mack, what was an obstacle you had to overcome in your high school athletics career?

MS: I have overcome the cramping and got to full potential in all of my sports and everything that I do in life.


JS: Choose for me a moment in your high school athletics career that defines your level of Champion. 

MS: Walking off the football field for the last time and knowing that this was my last high school game ever, but not the last time that I will play the game I love.  Or… the last seconds winding off the clock in the state finals and the breath of relief that I felt and the moment of absolute happiness that I felt, that’s when I knew I had done what needed to be done to be the best I could be.

Football - Making of a champion Mack Short

JS: You have a lot of younger wrestlers looking up to you. What do you believe is one ingredient/characteristic that makes you a Champion that a younger athlete should embody?

MS: Just the fact that I believe I do everything I can to be the best; work the hardest, doing everything full go, and do things off the mat that does not hurt my position to have kids look up to me.  I really do believe that working hard is the number 1 factor in gaining the respect of your teammates and the people around you.  Some might say winning Is, I would disagree and say that even before winning, its giving back to the community and showing how you are willing to act on or off the mat/field.  Hard work and never letting those kids see you do anything besides the right thing is what makes a true leader.


JS: I couldn’t agree more Mack. I recall last fall watching your Twitter feed after games and noticing that even when things didn’t go well you were unconditionally encouraging to your teammates. In addition, when things did go well, you helped harness attitudes and emotions to keep the guys driving in the right direction. Very cool man!


JS: You recently placed first in the 2014 MSHSL State Wrestling Tourney. What are your plans to maintain Champion status as you look forward to college athletics?

MS: I plan on playing football and doing everything to be the best person I can be.


Ladies and gentlemen, Mack is a true leader and Champion. This is a guy you’ll want to keep an eye out for as he goes on to college and continues his athletic dominance. I can’t tell you how honored I am to have had the opportunity to work with Mack. He truly eats, sleeps, bleeds, and sweats Champion. A great guy. Thanks Mack for being part of the OSI family!

– Jon

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