OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring Katie Kensy

OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring Katie Kensy

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OSI Making Of A Champion Series: Featuring Katie Kensy

Katie Kensy is a senior at St. Kates University, and a graduate of physical therapy at OSI West St. Paul. Katie has a great story about physical therapy, from an insider and outside perspective! Let’s hear from Katie, I promise this is a good read!


JS: So Katie, what sports do you play?

KK: Bowling, Golf, Running


JS: Of those, what is your Champion sport?

KK: Bowling


JS: What did you come to OSI Physical Therapy to have treated?

KK: I came to OSI to have my knee treated. I was having some knee pain and instability that was making it impossible for me to run and painful for me to bowl.


JS: What was your favorite part of physical therapy?

KK: I enjoyed the stretches and manipulation. And of course socializing with the fantastic clinic staff of OSI in West St. Paul!


JS: What was the worst part of physical therapy?

KK: Some of the exercises were really painful in the beginning, and I was often frustrated with the amount of pain I was experiencing.


JS: What is an obstacle you’ve had to overcome to become the Champion that you are today?

KK: When I was younger I suffered many joint injuries (dislocations, separations, and sprains), and I was diagnosed with a genetic syndrome that causes severe hyper-mobility, and at the time I played soccer and basketball. I was encouraged to to quit high-contact sports, so I chose to focus on bowling and golf. Although it was difficult to give up those activities, it allowed me to focus on being the best bowler I can be.


JS: What was one defining moment when you realized you had reached Champion status?

KK: I was really honored to be the first girl on the Cretin-Derham Hall Varsity Bowling Team. I had outcompeted many other individuals for one of five spots on that team, and being the only female made me even more proud. I was also the Captain of the first All-Women’s Varsity Team at CDH, and was named to All-Conference Team that year.


JS: You’ve made quite a mark on women’s bowling, including being recently named a pro bowler? Tell me about your Champion ingredient that allowed you to attain such success! 

KK: I believe that my determination to succeed is the Champion ingredient most responsible for my success in sports. I continue to bowl in an adult league, and it is likely that next year I will hold the highest average for women in that league, even though I am by far the youngest and have less years of bowling experience. I also continue to coach Cretin-Derham Hall bowling. Even though I myself cannot be as involved in sports as I would like, I have continued to stay involved by coaching. In addition to bowling, I am a certified Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports USA Coach for Track and Field, and will attend the National competition with the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute team in July.


JS: I understand you were recently accepted into the Graduate Physical Therapy programs at St. Kates and the University of Minnesota.. What about your Champion ways will you have to rely on to ensure domination both in the classroom and on the bowling lanes? 

KK: I will be strong and determined both on the lanes and in the classroom. I will utilize the confidence I have gained from my own experience in physical therapy to be the best physical therapist I can in the future. After being treated by Jon at OSI in West St. Paul, I completed an internship with him, in which I spent the majority of my time in the clinic shadowing Jon as he treated clients. In my time at OSI I learned more than just the basics of physical therapy from Jon; I also learned what it takes to make people laugh even when they are in pain, and what it truly means to be a good listener, and therefore a great therapist. Many thanks to Jon for all he has done for me, and for all of his clients. And a shout out to the entire staff of OSI West St. Paul, who work so well together, and make physical therapy fun to attend.



Thanks for the compliments Katie! (I promise I didn’t pay her to say those things!!) Katie has lived the physical therapy program on the inside and out, and I can tell you she is not just a Champion of athletics, she is a Champion of life. It is truly a privilege to have worked with Katie on multiple levels, and I look forward to working alongside her someday! Thank you Katie for choosing to be part of the OSI family!

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