OSI Making of a Champion Series: Featuring Emily Janisch

OSI Making of a Champion Series: Featuring Emily Janisch

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OSI Making of a Champion Series: Featuring Emily Janisch

In this edition of “Making of a Champion”, I was able to catch some time from Emily Janisch, a junior at Henry Sibley High School in Mendota Heights. Emily is a decorated bowler, and overcame a debilitating shoulder injury that threatened to end her bowling career. Here’s Emily’s story.

Bowling lanes - OSI Making of a Champion Series Featuring Emily Janisch


JS: What sports are you involved in Emily?

EJ: Hockey and bowling


JS: What is your Champion sport?

EJ: Definitely bowling


JS: What did you come to OSI to have treated?

EJ: My right shoulder


JS: What was your favorite part of therapy?

EJ: My favorite part of physical therapy was coming into a family who accepted me with open arms, the environment was very welcoming and loving. Always shared great laughs during PT! I loved leaving the building with a smile on my face and my shoulder feeling better than before!

Bowling - OSI Making of a Champion Series Featuring Emily Janisch

Emily Janisch Bowling

JS: Be honest, what was the worst part of therapy?

EJ: The physical pain, some exercises pushed my shoulder to the limits which would leave me sore. But in the end physically helped me, but in the moment that was the worst part of physical therapy.


JS: What is an obstacle you had to overcome to become the Champion you are today?

EJ: The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was being able to step down and leave my season while I was sitting at 1st in the conference and one of the top girl bowlers in the state of Minnesota. It was a very emotional experience I had to overcome but I knew that if I wanted a career later on in life with bowling it would be better for me to step down now and get my shoulder treated rather than waiting and possibly making the outcome of my shoulder even worse.


JS: Would you say there was a defining moment when you reached Champion status?

EJ: I believe I reached champion status when I was on Minnesota Girls First Inaugural State Bowling Team, also making all state and all conference for bowling.


JS: Even though you had to step away from bowling for a period of time, what would you say is a characteristic or ingredient that makes you a Champion?

EJ: I believe that my strong leadership and enthusiastic personality makes me a champion. I love being able to lead my team and to help in any ways possible to make my team better!


JS: Alright, last question. You’re bowling at a premier level right now. What do you have to do to continue your mastery of this sport, and ensure continued success as you look ahead to your senior year of high school?

EJ: In order for me to continue achieving my success with bowling, I will be practicing more than ever and participating in more tournaments. I’m looking to come out on top of the conference my senior year. By keeping my grades up and my mind set on bowling, nothing else, I believe I will be able to ensure my success.

I’m not sure it gets more real than that folks. I know that I’m looking forward to watching Emily burn up lanes as she continues dominating the world of bowling! If you need some help getting back in the game or with any sports related injury give OSI Physical Therapy a try. You’re welcome to stop in for a tour of one of our facilities and you can get a free phone consultation (see below).

Thanks for reading!

– Jon

Emily and Jon - OSI Making of a Champion Series Featuring Emily Janisch

Emily and Jon at the OSI West St Paul Clinic

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