Open Dome For Baseball Players

Open Dome For Baseball Players

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Open Dome For Baseball Players

It’s that time of year again.  My mind is on baseball.  Of course I miss traveling down to Florida every year to get the early games in for college, but I’ll take the next weather we have here. The snow is melting fast, but still covering the ground.  For those looking to get some early throwing and hitting in I wanted to post some open field houses and the times available for the Stillwater and Woodbury areas.  I copied the websites below to find the information.

Stillwater (St.Croix Recreational Center)

Woodbury (Bielenberg Sports Center)

It’s great to get some early throwing within a temperature regulated environment and to prepare the arm for the heavy throwing regimen that often starts once fields clear. Get your arm and swinging muscles in shape while fine tuning those mechanics!

Every year OSI sees sore elbows and shoulders as the season starts. I’d love to see less of these and baseball players staying health on the field and proper early training is a great prevention tool. I’ll be around the dome training so if you see me say hello and know I’d be happy to answer questions and share any wanted suggestions. Good luck this year ball players!

– Brett

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