Now Hiring – Customer Relations Manager

Now Hiring – Customer Relations Manager

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JOB DESCRIPTION –  Customer Relations Manager


Company:                               ORTHOPAEDIC SPORTS, INC

Job Title:                                 Customer Relations Manager

Area of Responsibility:       Administration

Reports To:                            Business Office Manager


Summary: Customer relations is the pillar to OSI’s future success. We strongly believe in creating a culture where all OSI staff are committed to creating and improving an exceptional customer experience. The Customer Relations Director will be responsible for overseeing the customer journey experience at OSI. This person will work side-by-side with our Customer Relations Staff (call center) as well as to collaborate with OSI management and leadership teams on improving the customer life cycle at OSI. This role requires supervision of staff and oversight of processes. In addition, this person will also be responsible in assisting OSI’s CMO on connecting branding and sales for organizational growth.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Create in detail the touch-points and process improvement opportunities for the customer life cycle at OSI.
  • Establish efficient systems and processes for the Customer Relations Department (call center).
  • Lead sales training efforts across OSI. Assist others in accelerating at selling the value in what we do.
  • Oversee Customer Relations Team (call center).
  • Develop, with the assistance of the CMO, metrics to define and measure customer loyalty.
  • Collaborate with CMO on marketing and sales cycle and processes to ensure a strong connection with branding and sales.
  • Identify and lead opportunities to create outstanding customer experience in the life cycle of a customer at OSI.
  • Work side-by-side with Customer Relations Team answering phones calls, managing leads, etc.
  • Oversight of customer experience survey process.
  • Manages process for customers who had a poor customer experience.
  • Assist CMO on outreach opportunities for organizational growth.
  • Handle staff concerns and/or problems related to the customer life cycle/journey at OSI.
  • Collaborate with CEO and clinic managers on getting feedback for continuous process improvement.
  • Communicate effectively with all internal and external contacts.
  • Handles information with discretion and maintains confidentiality.
  • Other duties may be assigned to assist with efficiency, quality, or effectiveness of Administrative and Clinical services.


Critical Job Requirements

  • OSI will commit to providing adequate work place equipment and setup to help minimize postural dysfunctions. Employee is expected to use effective work place posture/ergonomics.


Equipment Used To Perform The Essential Job Functions:

  • Computer, copy machine, fax, calculator, telephone, ergonomic chair and writing utensils; personal vehicle.


Marginal Job Functions:

  • Travel outside the home office.



  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in a business related field, but not required.
  • 5-year minimum experience in sales or related field.
  • Prefer previous experience in management or supervisor role, but not required.


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