November 2014: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

November 2014: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

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November 2014: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

News from around the net 2 News from around the net

Links of the Week


  1. Health Care Reform. Evidence Based Protocols Drive Quality Improvement The changing health care system will reward quality and efficiency.   The use of evidence-based protocols results in two major benefits: better care for patients and savings for organizations. Through better outcomes, develop proven care paths that deliver efficiency and effectiveness. Put on your “thinking cap” – how can you develop care paths that put PT at the front of the process?



  1. Market Trends. Is Physician Shortage a Myth? There is a shortage of primary care physicians, but that doesn’t have to create a crisis with patient access. Non-physician providers are described who can quickly see the appropriate type of patient. Why didn’t they mention physical therapists?? That’s our fault. Time to don the “thinking cap” again – can you be the primary care provider for musculoskeletal conditions in your community? Why not. It’s up to you.



  1. Market Trends. The Market Moves to More Powerful Care Delivery Main and Slywotzky (remember them from previous TPI e-newsletter?) from the Oliver Wyman Group note 3 movements that will drive a new market for health IT: 1. Better consumer awareness 2. Transparency for consumers based on price, value, outcomes 3. Care teams that will improve population health.



  1. Leadership. 11 Simple Concepts to Be a Better Leader. Apply these 11 simple yet powerful actions – which won’t cost you a dime – and you will see yourself grow as a leader and your team develop in performance.



  1. Leading Change.  A 2’ video. For those of you who are in The Leadership Edge program, you know that one of the Roles of a 4R Leader is CHANGE AGENT. This brief video offers some valuable insight into how you can lead change in your practice. And if you haven’t figured it out yet – our market is in the process of dramatically changing from volume to value. Better get ready to lead your team!



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