Neck Pain At Work? Check Out These Top 3 Ways To Reduce It

Neck Pain At Work? Check Out These Top 3 Ways To Reduce It

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Neck Pain At Work? Check Out These Top 3 Ways To Reduce It 

It has been reported that, on average, the overall prevalence of neck pain is about 23%, with higher percentages in office jobs. Do you fall into this category? If so here are some simple but effective tips to help you manage this pain. Even if you do not have neck pain give these tips a try!


1.)  Get up and move!

Try to get away from work for a few minutes every hour and walk around. Go fill up on water, take a restroom break, walk down to the end of the hall or challenge yourself and complete a set of stairs!


2.)  Stretch!

Try doing 5 reps of each of these stretches (hold each rep for 5-10 seconds). These stretches are designed to help reverse the “desk body.”  Challenge: Complete these stretches every couple hours.

  • Scapular retraction: bring shoulder blades together
  • Chin tucks: Move your head back while maintaining a chin tuck
  • Pec stretch

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3.)  Check your posture!

Are you constantly looking down at a keyboard, computer screen or cellphone? Raise your computer or cell phone up to slightly below eye level. Your elbows should be resting comfortable at 90 degrees and check that your hips and knees are also at a 90-degree bend.

If you continue to have neck pain please call and schedule an appointment with a physical therapist as they can screen you for other conditions and implement numerous treatment techniques they can utilize to assist you with your recovery!

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