What It Feels Like To Meet Your Idol

What It Feels Like To Meet Your Idol

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What It Feels Like To Meet Your Idol

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Is there someone in your life that has made an impact on you, but you’ve never thanked? Do you have a hero or idol that you’ve never had the chance to meet? How would you feel knowing that you were 10 minutes from meeting this person? Scared? Excited? Nervous? Shaky? Calm? Brain swirling?

When my wife and I drove up to Financial Peace Plaza in Brentwood, TN on April 4th, we were feeling a mix of all these emotions. We were finally set to meet Dave Ramsey. You’re probably asking yourself, “who the heck is Dave Ramsey?” He’s not a sports figure or a movie star. He’s a financial advisor who went broke almost 30 years ago, lost millions and almost his marriage, and dug himself out of his situation and got back up on his feet (and now much more than that!).

Dave visited my high school almost 15 years ago promoting his Financial Peace program to all of us at New Life Academy. Well, I was in 8th grade and cared more about girls and cologne than finances, but nonetheless the program came back around to mean something once my wife and I got married. We’ve been working at it for 3 1/2 years now, and it’s going well.

Meeting Dave was an incredible experience. This is a guy who has literally changed our lives, and had never met us. It was great to shake his hand, thank him for his guidance, and get some books autographed. I’ll never forget it. And in just a few short years, when we’ve completed our Total Money Makeover, we’ll be back to Nashville to go live on his program and do our Debt Free scream!

I hope that someday you get to meet your idol or mentor. For us, it was unforgettable!

– Jon

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