Meet The Team: Tammy Kasprowicz, PT and Clinic Manager

Tammy Kasprowicz

Tammy Kasprowicz

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  • Lisa Iverson says:

    Hi Tammy, I hope this e-mail finds you and the office staff well! I am finally back to walking to 5 to 6 miles several times a week thanks to your staff!

    I am no longer at Stars & Strikes. I am the events coordinator at Canvas Health. I am so lucky to be able to put my passion for suicide prevention and mental health awareness with my skills in events. On May 7th we are doing a 5K to benefit the Minnesota Crisis help line and TXT4Life. I am reaching out to see if OSI might be interested in a sponsorship for this event or if you could some how promote this event. We had over 40,000 calls / texts for help in 2015. 1 in 4 people struggle with depression/mental health issues. The medical community is proving exercise is helping those who struggle.

    My contact info: cell 651-280-9800

    Hope to see you at some chamber events in town!

    Lisa Iverson

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