Meet The Team: Kim Krupka

Meet The Team: Kim Krupka

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We are excited to announce a new addition to the OSI staff. One of our most recent hires is Kim Krupka, a Customer Relations Manager. Kim is here to help make sure we offer the best customer experience possible when receiving treatment at OSI. Here’s a little bit Kim in her own words:

1Hello, my name is Kim and am I excited to have the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful organization, OSI Physical Therapy. I started working in the healthcare industry 9 years ago when I decided I needed to change my career path to something where I could continue growing personally and professionally as well as challenging.

Prior to coming to OSI, I worked for orthopedics surgeons where I learned the ins and outs of the healthcare, insurance, sport injuries, different treatment options and surgeries. Six years ago, after having my second child, I found myself struggling to support my daughter’s.

Being a single mom, I wanted to be a role model for my children and show them that anything is possible as long as you work hard, have the determination to overcome your challenges and never give up even when it seems impossible. That’s when I decided to enroll myself part-time in an online program to earn a bachelor’s 2degree in paralegal studies with hopes of going onto law school in the future.

Due to certain life situations a year and a half ago, I needed to take a break even though I was only 60 credits from earning my degree. Over the last year my life changed dramatically, I closed on my very first house at the end of July in 2015 and a few months later my friend informed me about a position that would be perfect for me at OSI.

Even though I never thought I had the chance at becoming a manager at a well known and highly recommended company, I still jumped at the possibility that something positive would happen that would change my life forever.   I am glad I made that leap of faith, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a part of such an amazing group of people. Being a part of the OSI family has impacted me and my daughter’s life in ways I could only dream of.


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