Meet The Team: Matt Hirn, The Training Room

Meet The Team: Matt Hirn, The Training Room

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 Meet The Team: Matt Hirn, The Training Room

It’s that time again when we introduce the readers to another one of our amazing staff members at OSI Physical Therapy. Today we’re featuring Matt Hirn. He works for The Training Room, a division of OSI. Enjoy!

Matt Hirn - The Training Room (in his Packer Jersey)Hi, I’m Matt. I joined The Training Room team in November of 2011 as a personal trainer. I was, and still am, very excited about the opportunity to work in a health and fitness setting that is focused on truly helping people move better, whether it be walking up and down stairs or being stronger and faster on the field.

My home base is the Stillwater clinic; however, over the past few years, I have transitioned into a community outreach position where I am frequently driving to outside schools and businesses.  This position has given me the opportunity to work with hundreds of athletes from the New Richmond, Stillwater, Woodbury, and St Paul areas.  Last summer I was the lead strength and conditioning coach for New Richmond High School, where we had over 150 athletes working out daily. This was a challenging, but amazing experience.  In addition to this, I coach a CrossFit Teens Strength and Conditioning program in both Stillwater and Woodbury.

Matt with the group

Granite Game Group PicHelping and teaching others is important to me. It offers me more satisfaction than anything else and that is most likely why I continue to teach and coach outside of work. Last year (spring 2013) was my first official year of coaching as an assistant coach for the Stillwater High School girl’s lacrosse team. I started as the sports performance coach, but soon after began taking on the responsibility of coaching the defense.  It was a challenging job, but at the same time very rewarding. I was able to watch the girls grow as individuals and as a team to win both their conference and section. They then went on to take 4th place in the state tournament.

When I am not working or coaching, there is a good chance you will find me at the gym working out. I love the challenge of a tough workout and testing myself to see what I am capable of.  Now that I think about it, almost all of my friends are those I workout with, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. These people are supportive and understanding of what I do and my passions.

Family PictureFinally, I will be continuing my education beginning this summer. I will be starting the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at the University of Minnesota in July.  I am nervous to get back to school and the homework, studying, and tests which come along with it; however, this is going to be the next step in my journey towards helping people move and feel better!

Ultimate Frisbee

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me, I am sure looking forward to knowing more of you!

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Matt Hirn

Matt Hirn

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