Meet The Team: Kristine Sicora, PTA At OSI In Maplewood

Meet The Team: Kristine Sicora, PTA At OSI In Maplewood

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(I am the hockey chick with the purple band in the middle of the back row)

Meet The Team:  Kristine Sicora, PTA At OSI In Maplewood

My name is Kristine Sicora and I am a Physical Therapist Assistant at OSI Physical Therapy in Maplewood. I am a hockey and soccer mom to Lauren (14) and Natalie (10) who both play competitively year round.   Last year at the end of my daughters hockey season I received  an invitation to learn to play hockey through WHAM (Women’s Hockey Association of Minnesota).  I started my training on a WHAM Developmental League last summer when we were coached by  U of M Gopher Girls Hockey players and coaches.  The consistent message if I joined a team this past season was “it will make the winters go by fast”.  Well this hasn’t proved to be true, but I can tell you that I am now a hockey player and I have had a boat load of fun this season.  With several goals and assists, some team wins, an invitation to the playoffs and 1 roughing penalty it was a very successful season.

Skating in general takes a tremendous athletic ability.  On each blade it has 2 edges which skaters will shift from inside to outside edge for cutting, turning, pushing and stopping.   Not only do you need balance and stability to be strong on your skates, but you need the muscular power that comes from your hips to cut into the edges of the ice.

In order to be able to capture your gluts for this activity you need to maintain a neutral pelvis to correctly activate your gluts.  This is ensured by maintaining proper flexibility of your back/hip muscles and proper activation of your abdominals with your hamstrings to keep your back straight.  Then the glut muscles are positioned for power.  Collectively we call this our core.  This will help the skater keep from bending at the waist and create a stronger foundation of force to be generated by the arms and legs for passing, shooting and getting that goal.

Click HERE to read more about hockey and why strengthening your core is key.

I  have taken great appreciation for the skill, patience, commitment and athleticism that it takes to play hockey.  I have to say that It also takes great skill to get dressed with all that equipment that helps to protect the player.  In Minnesota, we are fortunate to have some great programs for sport specific training to help give players a competitive advantage.  We also have great therapists and trainers at OSI to keep athletes physically strong to protect them from injury as well as helping athletes to get back on the ice quickly and safely after an injury.

Keep your head up and I’ll see you on the ice!

Kristine Sicora, PTA

OSI staff are real “Goal Getters”!


Here is a video with some great drills for speed and power!


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Kristine Sicora

Kristine Sicora

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