What There Is To Love About Being An OccHealth Therapist?

What There Is To Love About Being An OccHealth Therapist?

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What There Is To Love About Being An OccHealth Therapist?

I have worked at OSI Physical Therapy for almost 8 years.  I work with an amazing, high energy team and we do great things!

I am often asked “What kind of work do you do?”

Basically, I would say that I help injured workers “bridge the gap” between the gains they have made in Physical/Occupational therapy to meet the demands of their job.  Often my patients need functional strengthening to increase their cardiovascular endurance to return to a full work day, including the  strength and endurance to perform the material handling demands of their job, the tolerance to climb, perform low level or elevated work tasks, or specific activities for operating equipment/machines, patient handling, functions of commercial truck driving or skilled construction trades

My in clinic work includes performing Work Conditioning Evaluations and treatment, Pre Work Screening, Functional Capacity Assessments and Job Function Testing.  When possible, I go to the job site to observe the physical aspects of the job, take measurements to replicate activities for in clinic programming, and/or develop testing to assess the injured worker against the demands of their job.  I also perform Ergonomic Job Site Assessments for work stations  in office and manufacturing settings.

I communicate with many people invested in the improvement of the work injured population I work with, including the patient, their Medical Provider, QRC’s (Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant), Insurance Adjuster, Nurse Case Managers, Human Resource and Safety Professionals at the Worksite.

My job involves education with all parties to coordinate care, instruct patients in joint protection techniques, use of optimal body mechanics, performance of  specific exercises and relief stretches,  and prevention principles to minimize/prevent the reoccurrence of musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries.

We change lives for the better here at OSI!  My patients get stronger,  and in most cases not only  back to their job, but they get back to living! I love helping make that difference in people’s lives!

Work Injuries - OccHealth Therapist

– Lisa

Lisa Hanselman

Lisa Hanselman

I have a strong interest in all aspects of work injury management. I strive to assist injured workers meet their goal of returning to work, as well as working with employers to address injury management and prevention issues. My credential of being a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist allows me to perform personalized Ergonomic assessments regarding workstation set up and how a person interacts with their workstation to optimize worker comfort.

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