Let’s Get Your Golf Game On Par (Oh Yes We Did)

Let’s Get Your Golf Game On Par (Oh Yes We Did)

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With summer here, it’s great to see all the outdoor activities start up.

Golfing is one of those great summer sports in Minnesota.  Conditioning for this sport can be challenging through the winter, and once the opportunity to get out and swing a club arrives, we head out to the practice range or just head out on the course. Aches and pains from the muscles that laid fairly dormant all winter tend to speak to us loud and clear after 9 or 18 holes of golfing.

I work at OSI in White Bear Lake.  We have a therapist at this location who specializes in Golf Evaluations/therapy ~ Joe Wavra.  There was a patient the other day who had a golf evaluate w Joe, as he was leaving, I asked him what he thought of his appt.  He stated it was the best money he ever spent.  That when Joe videoed his swing, he could see his bad habits.  Joe talked about his stance, set-up, swing and follow through ~ stopping frame by frame so he could see where his deficiencies were.  Joe gave him some strengthening exercises and stroke technique critiquing.

Doing something the right way, with the right guidance, is a great preventive for injuries; it could also help your game. It’s easy to get exercises from magazines, etc; but doing them properly needs a trained eye of a specialist.

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Let’s Get Your Golf Game On Par (Oh Yes We Did)


Annette Beach

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