Leadership Edge: Wrapping Up Our 2014 Fall Program

Leadership Edge: Wrapping Up Our 2014 Fall Program

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From Jim Hoyme . . .Leadership Edge

The Leadership Edge

Wrapping Up Our 2014 Fall Program


Do you recall the 4 business leadership principles from the UNC business school that I shared with you last month?


4 business leadership principles

Well . . . to bring it closer to home for therapists and practice owners, tie those 4 leadership principles to

4 guiding princilples

FYI . .. HC = Health Care


Why are these ‘soft’ activities important in therapy practices? Well, as we hit on a couple months ago . . .

  1. We are dealing with disruptive change in health care, and successful clinics must change accordingly

  2. Many people resist change – leaders provide a vision and guidance to make change work

  3. High performance teams need leaders top to bottom to work through the challenges of change

  4. Team members need knowledge and skills to be effective followers, leaders, and team players

  5. Leadership, team building are time consuming – effective leaders commit the time because it adds value


TPI’s MSO completed our Fall 2013 Leadership Edge program with a very fun and uplifting Session 10 – Wrap Up and Action Plan.


Over 30 team members from TPI clinics participated. We started the program with one of my favorite Leadership Videos – this 3 minute clip of a truly transformational football coach who inspires his doubting, “Criticizer” key player, whom he desperately needs to be a leader.

Give it a quick look –


Jody Ruppert, CEO of OSI Physical Therapy, Cindy DeVries, owner of Minnesota Sport & Spine, and Ryan Torgrude, Clinic Manager of PTOSI Coon Rapids shared excellent stories about how they provided leadership during challenging situations and how their teams rose – and are rising – to the occasion to deliver positive results. Jody, Cindy, and Ryan are truly inspiring role models.

TJ McLeod, Chief Marketing Office of OSI Physical Therapy and a Marketing Consultant to Therapy Partners, shared the great results OSI has achieved in 2014 from their digital marketing campaigns – blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TV Ads – nearly 300 NP from those sources with a goal of 500-600 in 2015! TJ showed his analytics and how to track social media marketing results. Awesome job TJ and OSI Team!

We gave away many prizes to everyone and 17 growing young leaders received awards – Bose Bluetooth Speakers – for their outstanding contributions to our weekly Leadership Discussion Boards:

Leadership Edge PT's

Participants – LEADERSHIP LEARNERS – shared what they learned from the program and how it has helped them grow as leaders and team players. Here are some quotes:

“I am a younger physical therapist with aspirations of becoming a leader and manager. I can see this requires a better understanding of the business of health care, leading people, and contributing to a team. … Engaging in The Leadership Edge program has been invaluable to me and my career.  It outlined the bigger picture of health care reform and the opportunities for innovative physical therapists. It has provided me with insight into what a true leader looks like, what to expect from a leader, and, most importantly, what type of leader I want to be. The program placed an emphasis on the importance of personal growth and creating a dynamic, team oriented culture within a therapy practice.   The Leadership Edge really improved my knowledge base on how I can develop my leadership qualities and truly become a transformational leader in a physical therapy business. And one more thing . . . it has helped me gain more self confidence and get even better outcomes with my patients. “

Pete Larson, PT, DPT, OSI Physical Therapy, West St. Paul Office

“Honestly, I was a little surprised when I was asked to be part of the leadership program through TPI since I was not a clinical manager or leader of any specialty groups within OSI.  After going through the program, I realized how many other ways I can be a leader even though I don’t hold a title as a manager.  I learned that my job as a physical therapist goes beyond just treating patients. The program opened my eyes to the role I play as a team member at our clinic and how I can contribute more to work towards the goals and mission of our company.” 

Nicole Dahmes, PT, DPT, OCS, OSI Physical Therapy, Forest Lake Office

“The Leadership Edge has been an invaluable resource for our clinic.   We have significantly improved the communication and teamwork in our practice and have been able to come together for the common purpose of helping our patients and allowing our practice to strive.  It has not only improved employee morale and productivity but also has translated to an increase in new patients coming to our clinic.”                     

April Erickson, PT, DPT, ATRIC, Wenger Physical Therapy

“The Leadership Edge program was an amazing opportunity to strengthen my leadership skills and learn how to integrate them into this ever-changing healthcare environment.  I have been able to immediately apply my new leadership skills to be a better clinic manager.   The program is beneficial for both emerging and veteran leaders.  I would highly recommend program for practice owners, managers, and clinical physical therapists!”

Ryan F. Torgrude, PT, DPT, OCS – Clinic Director, PTOSI-Coon Rapids, Mn


Participants engaged in small team discussions regarding how they can keep the leadership and high performance team development alive and growing in their clinics.


Overall – our Fall leadership program was a HUGE SUCCESS.

3 goals


The Leadership Edge Learners are already making great strides in Goal 1; and teams are working on care model changes and new innovations. Building a truly High Performance Team takes a focused, long term effort, and our team members now know how to drive and contribute to that change.

We will start our next Leadership Edge Program in March, and it will be much improved with even more participants.

If you would like information on how you can implement The Leadership Edge in your practice


Give me a

Call at 651-341-3330 or

shoot me an email at   jhoyme@therapypartnrers.com


Keep leading, Keep Learning!


Jim Hoyme




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