Did You Know OSI Offers Foot Orthotics?

Did You Know OSI Offers Foot Orthotics?

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Did You Know OSI Offers Foot Orthotics?


Orthotics, by definition, is an external device to help correct the shape of the foot, decrease abnormal forces, control the foot position to provide easier movement and decrease pain.
Here at OSI, we have Physical Therapists who make custom orthotics for a person.  People who seek out custom orthotics usually have some kind of foot pain (metatarsalgia, chronic plantar fasciitis or tendonitis due to pronated feet are a few examples).  When we make the orthotics, we use a casting material that we mold and shape to the foot while the foot is held in a neutral position.  The entire process takes about 45 minutes.  The molds are then sent out to get created.  The turn around time for the finished orthotics are 1-2 weeks.

Another option for orthotics is an off the shelf shoe insert.  These can often be helpful for people who may be having similar pain to those who need custom made orthotics, but their foot structure is less complicated and can be well supported by a general insert.

Orthotics might also be required for people who are not having pain but have a condition like diabetic neuropathy and need an orthotic to distribute forces mor

e equally along the bottom of the foot and reduce potential skin breakdown.

Whatever your need, do not hesitate to contact one of the PT’s at OSI and inquire if orthotics might be right for you.

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