January 2015: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

January 2015: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

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News from around the net

Top 5 posts

  1. Market Trends. Consolidation in Health Care. What’s a Practice Owner To Do? A Management Services Organization is a Great Option – Get Big But Keep Your Practice. This is an article that Jim Hoyme wrote for the Private Practice Section’s IMPACT Magazine May 2014. We posted it in an earlier newsletter, but we decided to re-post it because it adds a valuable explanation of an MSO. This provides more detail to go with the month’s What’s New at Therapy Partners post.



  1. Market Trends. And Here is More Proof of the Rampant Consolidation Health Care Consolidation Trend. From Fierce Health, “Healthcare organizations are the subsectors most likely to see an increase in acquisitions and mergers in 2014-2015, the report, “Healthcare & Life Sciences M&A Outlook,” finds. Eighty-six percent of healthcare and life services professionals expect mergers and acquisitions to increase in the industry, with capital needs and economies of scale as two major reasons for the consolidation.” Click this link to read more about health care consolidation trends.



  1. Value Based Models – FOTO. You Can Use FOTO for Value Based Models. FOTO posted this short article that explains how Therapy Partners uses FOTO and the “80/40/20” Goal to contract with health plans.



  1. Leadership. Inspiring Messages from Successful Women Leaders Who Find Career Happiness. Check out this 3 minute video with ‘short & sweet’ ideas from successful female leaders. One of my favorites. I’ve posted this a few times on Twitter.



  1. Leaders Care. Here is a fun 3 minute video about caring. Can you apply this simple concept to your leadership efforts??


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