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As I write this, it’s snowing… but it is spring, right?  I guess all we can do is think spring and hope Mother Nature will follow suit.  We live in Minnesota, it is a beautiful, wonderful state and we need to embrace it – snow and all.  Soon enough, we will get our spring and be able to get out, get some much needed fresh air and maybe even a little color on our skin.  I wanted to talk about one of my loves and that is gardening.  As an Athletic Trainer, working in the health field, I am very conscious of overall health.  Sometimes I stop to actually think about the health benefits of basic things I love to do and with spring coming up I thought of gardening.

First of all, the vitamin D benefits from the sun that we finally get to see again is amazing by itself, not to mention the stress relief, exercise and nutritional benefits you get.


Stress relief:

To step away from phones, TV, computers, etc. and just literally get your hands dirty is liberating and you almost feel like a kid again digging in dirt.  You get the benefit of being “unplugged” for a couple of hours and at the same time you are accomplishing something and can see something beautiful come from your hard work.  That naturally decreases your stress level.



For an average sized person, you burn 250 calories per hour of gardening! That’s amazing!  The more picking up and hauling dirt/plants, the more you will burn.  On a side note – just make sure you are using proper lifting and carrying technique so you don’t end up injured J



Whatever you’re gardening is wonderful but if you do a vegetable garden, the nutritional benefits are without question.  You get fresh fruit/vegetables/herbs that you know have not been sprayed with pesticides, etc. and best of all – it’s free!!


The beautiful thing about this day and age is if you have no idea where to begin, check out google and you tube and you will find an endless amount of information on how to get started. So, get outside and start planting.  Before you know it, you will have a beautiful fresh cut bouquet of flowers on your table and a fresh salad that was from, start to finish, a product of your hard, but rewarding work.

Thanks for reading!

– Hayley

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Hayley Seide

Hayley Seide

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