An Inspiring Run For Others

An Inspiring Run For Others

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(Above: Here’s a picture post race of Ella and her friend, Lauren.  Aren’t they cute?  I think they smiled the entire time they were running!)

An Inspiring Run For Others

My oldest daughter, Ella, ran in the Cemstone Run for Others kids 1 mile fun run last weekend.  She came home with a flyer a few weeks ago advertising this run and to be honest, I didn’t look that closely at it (do any of you parents out there also feel like you are bombarded with papers from you school age children?  I feel like it is a success if I don’t get confused and end up pitching their homework into the recycling bin!).  A week later Ella asked again about doing this run because I had forgotten about it (Mom of the Year).  I of course said yes (why would I say no to doing something active?) and eventually got to the computer to sign her up.  Our kids don’t do a lot of running other than playing outside, so I wasn’t sure how Ella would do with a continuous mile, but she assured me she could do it.  Ella is also very social and her friend was doing it, too, so I think that was a great motivator.

On Saturday,  off my family went to St. Andrew’s Church in Mahtomedi for Ella’s race.I asked my youngest daughter if she wanted to also run, but she told me as a 5 year old, she could only run a half mile and probably next year would do it.  Out of the mouths of babes!  There was a large group of people checking in and it was only as I was waiting to check Ella in that I realized the money raised for this race was to support the church’s Habitat for Humanity projects.  I then felt like a bit of a slacker for not running in the 5k and contributing to this good cause.  There’s always next year!  So, Ella got her race bib, lined up and off to the races she went.  It was so cute seeing all these elementary school kids running.  A couple little girls even started the race holding hands!  About 6 and a half minutes later, the first kids were heading to the finish line.  Again, feeling like a bit of a slacker that a 10 year old would kick my behind in a race……Anyway, about a minute after that, Ella came running around the bend and sprinted to the finish line.  We were so proud of her and she was very proud of herself, making sure we knew that she did not walk one time.

To see all these people coming together to run a 5k or 10k and the kids who were there to run in the kids race was so inspiring.  What a great cause and a fun event.  My whole family is planning to participate next year and it would be great to see even more people out to support this good cause.  If you are looking for a fun run next Spring, it would be great to have you out there with us!

– Amy

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