Hubspot 30 Day Blogging Challenge Takes Shape At OSI

Hubspot 30 Day Blogging Challenge Takes Shape At OSI

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Hubspot 30 Day Blogging Challenge 2014

The Challenge

Recently I received an invitation to participate in the Hubspot 30 day blogging challenge. Being a marketer it quickly immediately peaked my interest. However there was more to it than just the prizes they offered, which were of course not too shabby. Prizes include being featured on the Hubspot which receives 1.5 million readers every month and a free invitation the the Inbound 2014 conference. Both very desirable, but my focus was elsewhere.

The Details

The challenge is fairly simple, blog and provide quality content. They stressed not to focus on quantity, but rather on quality. The details are somewhat ambiguous, but nonetheless a fun way to tackle the challenge of generating content for OSI brand advocates and prospects. They offer quite a few good downloadable tools to help organize and support your efforts as a marketer with this endeavor, like an editorial calendar template, blog writing tips, strategies for choosing titles, etc.

The Goal

Since coming onboard OSI Physical Therapy,  I have watched incredible patient success stories taking place every day with our Physical Therapists, but we were the only ones witnessing these amazing stories. In our plan for 2014 I want to tell some of these stories to the public and highlight the people coming through OSI’s doors on a daily basis. My hopes are that we can do more storytelling as a means to share the success of our mission in serving those through physical therapy.

Over the month of January 2014 we will work to begin offering helpful content to people interested in physical therapy tips, information, testimonials, and much more. If you’re someone in need or have questions about OSI Physical Therapy services, feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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Do YOU have some business goals that you’d like to share with us? I’d love to get your comments, questions, and feedback in the comment section below. I also invite you to join the blogging challenge. It’s a New Years resolution to get your team started telling the world about what you do!

– TJ

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