[Video] How To Tape Shin Splints Using Kinesiotape

[Video] How To Tape Shin Splints Using Kinesiotape

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How To Tape Shin Splints Using Kinesiotape

There has been a some blog buzz about shin splints recently, and a great video put together by my team mate Alli Mahmood, ATC about how she tapes athletes for shin splints at the school. I definitely wish I had her taping skills and knowledge, she makes it look so easy! (It’s not, I’ve tried and failed many times over). I have, however, picked up some skills on the use of kinesiotape to manage shin splints.

In the clinic, when I’m considering kinesiotape as an intervention option, I’m usually looking for two things (among many other considerations): painful points and swelling (which is what I’m taping for in the video). As I went over the two specific taping applications relatively quickly, I’ll break them down below

Cross Strip (in blue): This strip is designed to redirect pull around the most painful points. In practice, I’ve placed as many as three or four of these across the shin in effort to reduce some force causing the pain.

Swelling Reduction (pink strip): This strip is designed to enhance fluid flow under the skin and reduce swelling. I use this approach in many applications, and may not always need it for shin splints, but it can help.

We can all agree that the management of shin splints is best accomplished with good teamwork between the physical therapist, athletic trainer, and athlete. I’m very fortunate to be on a high powered team with Alli where we can work together to accomplish consistent and excellent results.

Thanks again for taking the time to watch my video, I look forward to providing more quality content for you!

– Jon

How To Tape Shin Splints

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