How to Keep Active in the Winter

How to Keep Active in the Winter

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When the weather turns colder, it’s tempting to trade in our workout gear for cozy fires and warm apple cider, but it’s important to keep active! Winter can be a busy time for everyone, but there are plenty of ways to squeeze in some activity during the colder months.

Indulge in Wintery Activities

Winter brings it’s own sort of fun. There are tons of events this time of year. Reserve some time out of your busy schedule to join in.

  • Enjoy a brisk walk or hike through the snow
  • Take the kids to an ice skating rink
  • Go out to chop down your very own Christmas tree
  • Go sledding
  • Walk through your neighborhood to see all the holiday lights and decor lit up
  • Have a snowball faight in your yard
  • Go skiing or snowboarding

Bring your whole family and invite your friends too, so that you can stay active and make memories all at the same time.

Work Out at Work

Staying active at work is a great way to beat to cold, too. Take a walk inside around the office or go to a gym during your lunch break. It can be tough to sneak in time after work, so build it into your schedule! Go for a 30-minute walk during your lunch break and then, stretch at your desk. You can also get in extra exercise by always taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

“But it’s so cold!”

We know what you’re thinking, and we know it’s not everyone’s favorite to be outside in the frigid Minnesota air. If you take the time to prepare yourself and get the gear you need to properly endure the elements, being outside in the cold actually won’t seem that bad.  Here are some items to consider adding to your cold weather wardrobe:

  • Wool sweaters and fleece jackets are great for keeping you warm, while not overheating.
  • Opt for a moisture-wicking undershirt to avoid excess moisture while you’re out.
  • Bring those hats and gloves for really cold days.
  • Don’t wear cotton, they hold moisture and can make you colder.


We hope you enjoy these tips! Let us know if you have any other advice that works for you during the cold months!



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How to Keep Active in the Winter

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