Tips From ‘The Prose’: How To Do A Proper Squat

Tips From ‘The Prose’: How To Do A Proper Squat

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Tips From The Prose: How To Do A Proper Squat

Squatting with proper form is something every person should learn to do, not just athletes.  It is how we get in and out of chairs, it is how a basketball player shoots a free throw and how a dancer gets off the ground.  In the PT clinic, I typically see people who don’t use their muscles properly  – they over use their quads and underuse their glutes.

It is really important when squatting to sit back and feel the glute muscles working, the core should be tight, back should be flat and the knees should be pointing straight ahead as is seen in the video (many people allow the knees to dive in which puts a tremendous stress on the knee and hip joint).  With proper form, an athlete is going to get more power with their movements and getting out of a chair is going to be less stressful on joints.

If you have areas of knee pain or hip pain, watch how you do a squat, check your form and if you have other questions regarding squats or areas of pain contact your local OSI Physical Therapist.

How To Do A Proper Squat - Sports Performance Training

– Amy

Amy Prose

Amy Prose

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