Part 2 Of How To Do A Proper Squat: Free Throws

Part 2 Of How To Do A Proper Squat: Free Throws

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Part 2 Of How To Do A Proper Squat: Free Throws

It’s March Madness, my favorite sporting time of the year.  And I am the wife of a basketball coach, so we live a breath basketball nearly year round.  And I went to a basketball school  (Marquette University – go Warriors), so I have lived and breathed basketball for a long time.  I have always said free throws are free points and what a shame to waste them if a player misses one.

I wrote a blog a short time ago about how to do a proper squat.  The squatting motion is something a person does many times a day whenever they go from sitting to standing, but a basketball player uses this motion (or should) every time they shoot the ball and it is inconsistencies with this that can affect the accuracy and consistency of their free throw.

Getting the ball to the basket is half the battle with the free throw and your legs are the things that get it there.  I see so many players using their back and their arms more than they need to and not lifting with their legs.  A free throw motion should be consistent and smooth; having a little hitch coming out of the squat can throw (no pun intended) the whole thing off.

I would recommend a player watch the video of how to do a proper squat, then practice perfecting that form with their body squared up to the basket,  and finally putting a ball in their hand and continue to practice a smooth, continuous form, working on the same rhythm and adjusting how much force they need to get the ball to the basket.  Repetition builds muscle memory.

Happy March Madness Everyone!

– Amy

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