Holiday Leadership And Team Building

Holiday Leadership And Team Building

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Featured above: Joe Wavra (L) and Mike Ripley (R)

Holiday Leadership And Team Building

Jim and Sarah - Holiday Leadership And Team Building

Owner Jim Hoyme and Athletic Trainer Manager Sarah Sapinski

Well the holidays are officially over! Well that is according to all the stores that have the Christmas goodies 50%-80% off. With all the hustle and bustle of the season we need to make sure we take time to enjoy the time as well. That is what we did as a management team for OSI Physical Therapy.

Just prior to Christmas our amazing owners and CEO pulled all the clinic managers and administration together. We first had an official meeting which was more of a pat on the back for a job well done in 2014 and a pep talk to carry on and continue to be the best therapy practice in the metro. We then got to go get our hands dirty. A little anyway.

We got to go do some team building and catching up with our fellow managers and admin at Cooks of Crocus Hill in Stillwater. We were numbered off and sent to our stations where we prepared our own lunch. And of course the best part was getting to taste the amazing fruits of our labor. Who knew Mike Ripley and Joe Wavra could make a wedge salad taste and look so good. As you can tell by the photos it wasn’t to strenuous on anyone. We all had smiles on our faces almost the entire time.

Jody and Brent - Holiday Leadership And Team Building

Left to right: Linda Olsen, Mike Ripley, Brent Jorud, Jody Ruppert

I want to thank the owners Jim Hoyme and Mike Ripley as well as CEO Jody Ruppert for allowing us to have such a great day as well as helping create an outstanding environment to work in.

Shari and Steve - Holiday Leadership And Team Building

Clinic Managers Shari Walters & Steve Peterson

– Tammy


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