Hi, My Name Is (Insert Your Name Here) And I Am A Sugarholic

Hi, My Name Is (Insert Your Name Here) And I Am A Sugarholic

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Hi, My Name Is (Insert Your Name Here) And I Am A Sugarholic

The problem with sugar is honestly not sugar itself, but the quantity in which it’s being consumed. Over the last few decades our consumption of sugar has skyrocketed to “nearly 130 pounds of added sugars per person, per year,” which is 1/3 pound (or 2/3 cup) per day! That’s as much as four times as what’s recommended!

The American Heart Association’s recommended daily allowance of sugar:

  • 3 teaspoons of added sugar for children
  • 6 teaspoons of added sugar for women
  • 9 teaspoons of added sugar for men


Some of the worst are Cereals, Fruit snacks, Granola bars, Candy Bars, Ice Cream & one of the worst culprits is Soda Pop! One single serving bottle of Sprite has 16 teaspoons of added sugar! Holy Moly!  To put that in perspective, a whole Snickers Bar has 6 1/4 teaspoons of added sugar & a 12-ounce Gatorade has 5 1/4 teaspoons of added sugar!

And what about those Sports Drinks after your kid’s game? 

“The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of children (and adults) don’t need it, however; a piece of fruit and big glass of water would do most people much better. Sugar will actually slow you down if you’re running less than a 12 mile race, and eating a salty snack and drinking water will serve you better than drinking a sports drink after intense exercise, which the average second grade soccer game doesn’t count as, anyway. That snicker’s bar worth of sugar in a 12 ounce Gatorade? Not doing any favors for Little League exercisers.” –  According to Foxnews.com/health,

While we can’t always be perfect when it comes to our diets, we can be aware of what we’re grabbing for a quick snack! It really can make a difference in how you feel & keeping your energy level up throughout your day.  If you do have a sweet tooth attack, think about having an apple or a banana instead. A high protein snack of hummus and veggies topped off with a green tea or water with lemon is satisfying and energizing!

Having several small healthy snacks throughout your day will keep you focused and energetic! It may take a little planning on your part but you’ll be happy that you did! Thakns for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article.

– Roni

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