Helpful Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Helpful Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Yes, you heard us correctly, it IS possible to stay healthy while traveling! When you travel for business or for fun, it’s very easy to get sidetracked or even completely derail from your health and fitness routine. Vacation for many is a time to relax and let loose. That often means less exercise, more eating out, and perhaps some tropical (read: sugary) drinks. So it’s probably no surprise when you return home to see you’ve brought home some not so fun souvenirs — in the form of pounds. So how can you avoid packing on the lb’s while still having a great time? A little planning and prep work can really make the difference to keep you in line with your wellness plan. Here are some tips to help you stay on a healthy course when you’re traveling.

Research your accommodations

It’s always a good idea to look into where you’ll be staying to get some important details. Find out things like if there’s an in-room fridge or even kitchen, and where the nearest grocery is located. This way you’ll know what to expect and where to go to get stocked up on healthy snacks, drinks and food options.

Choose a couple must-try dining locations

Eating out is a big part of vacationing, but it doesn’t mean you have to dine out for every meal. If you want to save your waistline and your wallet, choose a couple places you absolutely must try, or even just choose a couple days ahead of time that you plan on staying in and cooking. This will help ensure you’re sticking to a gameplan and not overindulging for every meal.

Be as active as you can

Want to get the most out of your new environment? Get out there and enjoy everything it has to offer! Whatever the location, there’s likely activities available to keep you active. Check out the nearest gym (even better if it’s in your hotel) and Google any nearby local favorites like kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, skiing, swimming, cycling, tennis, water aerobics, ski classes, or even yoga (to name a few). If you’re stuck on a business trip and don’t have time to wander far from your itinerary, look up a YouTube routine that you could do in your hotel room. There’s always options, you just have to be willing to make it work with what you have!

Pack healthy snacks

If you’re hitting the road, plan ahead by packing a cooler with healthy snacks, sandwiches and drinks. Gas station food is not a healthy solution to road trip meals.

Don’t stress

Trips and vacations, while fun, can sometimes lead to stress. Whether you’re trying to pack in a ton of activities, traveling with a group or traveling on a budget, don’t let yourself get too stressed about the details. Stress can lead to stress eating, and other health problems. USe your vacation time to relax and recharge. And if you just so happen to eat a couple meals that aren’t the healthiest, just let it go, live in the moment and enjoy your trip!


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Helpful Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling


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