A Heartfelt Testimonial And Great Success Story

A Heartfelt Testimonial And Great Success Story

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I wanted to highlight a recent patient of OSI and client at the Training Room and share with you what she had to tell us. Her name is Karen. She is an amazing person and here is her story...
Here is my story… SAMSUNGDecember 29, 2013 I slipped on the ice fracturing my right ankle in three places.  I waited two weeks (on strict bed rest) for the swelling to go down before I could have surgery, which entailed 2 plates and 15 screws.  Five days after my ankle surgery, I fainted at home fracturing my right wrist.  I spent one month at the Deerfield Care Center before coming to OSI/The Training Room in Somerset, WI.  There is where my journey began… I thank God for teaching me to trust, helping me remain positive and refusing to give into bitterness.  I thank OSI/The Training Room for not allowing me to say “I can’t”, but to say “I will try.” I was in a wheelchair for three months, I wasn’t walking, could only do three leg lifts, could not do a side plank or a regular plank.  Now I can do 75 leg lifts, a side plank and a 3 minute regular plank.  I am walking but working very hard to perfect my walk and balance.  Thanks to OSI/The Training Room I will end up a stronger person physically.  Thanks to God I will always rejoice through my circumstances, whatever they may be.

“Make me to hear joy and gladness.  Let the bones which you have broken rejoice.” Psalms 51:8

A BIG thank you to my therapists, personal trainer, athletic trainers and ALL the staff for their support and encouragement.  Their smiles say it all, truly a wonderful facility. Love, Karen
Thanks for reading. - Jen

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