Waking Up With Headaches, Neck Pain Or Jaw Pain?

Waking Up With Headaches, Neck Pain Or Jaw Pain?

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Waking Up With Headaches, Neck Pain, Or Jaw Pain?

Several years ago while at a continuing education class about headaches and neck pain the instructed indicated that many people create tension on their necks in of all places in bed while sleeping.  Now you would think this is a place of rest and relaxation but often times people wake up with neck or jaw pain as well as headaches.  He gave some tips on how to properly use a pillow to relieve this stress on your neck or head and I have given these same tips out to numerous clients.   Many of them have expressed how much help and relief they got when they started using their pillows properly.  So in the video I have demonstrated the proper way to use the pillows.

3 Important Tips

  1. They don’t have to be expensive.   Save your money for something more fun.  They should fill in the gap between your shoulder and neck so not to be too flat or too big.
  2. When laying on your side, take the edge of the pillow and rest it up against your side of the neck.  Then lay your head down on it.  This assures proper contact with the side of neck and skull vs the jaw and it keeps you head aligned.
  3. When laying on your back, do a similar approach to putting the edge of the pillow against the back of your neck and then lay your head back.  That way the sides or edges of the pillow can come upward and support each side of your head especially if your head rolls to the side slightly.

I hope that this helps you get a good night of sleep and you wake up pain free and rested.  If you continue to have problems with your head, neck or jaw feel free to contact me or come in for an evaluation.

– Tammy

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